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Our Philosophy

The physicians at Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital (TSSH) believe their ability to provide the best possible care for their patients will be improved by direct involvement in quality assurance, resource management and cost control issues. One of many committees in this hospital is the medical staff, which meets weekly in order to discuss administrative matters, make decisions and implement policies and procedures that directly and immediately impact patients.

“The quality of medicine in this city is quite good. We serve on the medical staffs of the larger facilities and we do our best to deliver quality care,” said Dr. Steve Gaede, Board Chairman. “We think, however, we can do it better at TSSH because the hospital is just the right size. We have tried to streamline an incredibly complex administrative structure so that we can respond more quickly to patient needs. It’s time for change in the medical system and our vision involves doing business a different way."

“In larger centers, you rarely see an administrator on the patient floors or in the departments,” Gaede continued, explaining management hierarchy often separates decision makers from the direct point of service. “How can you manage a business without going into the departments and without asking patients about their experiences?” For example, taking a patient concern to the medical executive committee of any larger hospitals means the involvement of three of four subcommittees and months of deliberation before changes are made. “Whereas, when TSSH patients have needs, we can address them much more efficiently,” Gaede said.

“As physicians, we’re privy to both ends – the business side and the patient care side,” Gaede continued. “Granted there are certain business decisions that must be made, but for us, the primary goal is to choose the course that most positively impacts patient care. The welfare of the patient must always come first.”